change log --

-- [16.Oct.2001] jml -
	+ Released version 0.06!

-- [12.Oct.2001] jml -
	+ No longer using Inline::C.. Code moved to
	  Karma::Output::C. Added make step to the
	  installer for Karma:: modules. The dynamic
	  libs (c code) will be generated durring the
	+ Added missing dependency for File::Tail.
	+ printc is now written in C for speed. karma
	  now requires the Inline::C module for this
	  purpose. This is a real performance increase.
	- The new implementation of printc() removes support
	  for passing references and file handles, so just
	  dereference them yourself before calling.
	+ Formats are now interpolated with the formatc()
	  and sformatc() functions. Formats passed to printc()
	  will no longer be interpreted. Someone really needs
	  to document all of this (hint, hint).
	= Fixed erroneous return value from printc().
	  (was losing the first digit of $width)
	= Several small corrections to the output of centered (|)

-- [10.Oct.2001] jml -
	+ Added 'formats' to printc, these allow
	  values to be inserted into graphics at
	  will by calling code, simalar to so called
	  MCI codes, but completely secure.

-- [08.Oct.2001] jml -
	+ Many feature enhancements to the installer
	  in preparation for the upcoming release.
	- RedHat specific function calls removed from
	  the ktalkd init script for debian compatibility.

-- [05.Oct.2001] jml -
	= Refined the logic in the talk menu so that
	  the process remains dormant until there
	  is user input or chat activity.
	= Fixed a bug in the time tracking code that
	  gave new users more minutes than they deserved.
	= Fixed bug in user editor preventing keys from
	  being deleted.

-- [04.Oct.2001] jml -
	+ Karma now has online user help! hit ? from
	  Any menu!
	= Update checker modified to run as a sub process,
	  and send the operator an alert via karma email.
	+ bubble() routine added to facilitate online
	  help system.
	+ Help written for many menus.
	= Many many minor changes in preparation for
	  the upcoming release.
	- We no longer make use of File::NFSLock, and
	  therefore no longer require it to be installed
-- [29.Sep.2001] jml -
	+ Karma::DB can now store array references.
	+ Modified Karma::DB to prevent it from listing
	  dotfiles. You may still use keys that begin
	  with dots, however.

-- [26.Sep.2001] jml -
	+ Karma now automatically checks for updates, and
	  notifies the Operator if a new version has been
	- Changed login process back to the way it used to be
	  (single process).
	= Moved key encoding functionality from the Karma::DB
	  package on over to Karma::DB::Record. This is what
	  now allows us to dynamically date the names of the
	  history files.

-- [24.Sep.2001] jml -
	= Fixed small bug in Karma::DB::Record that caused
	  keys deleted from the database to be ignored by
	  other processes. This bug didn't actually effect
	  any function of the bbs, however.
-- [22.Sep.2001] jml -
	= Some symlinks were missing after the installation,
	  this is because cvs removed them. The script
	  now creates these links automatically.
	+ now asks for a password to create the operator
	  account with. This is more secure.
-- [19.Sep.2001] jml -
	+ Added default color settings to allow transparency in
	  various x terminal emulators that allow it..
	= Fixed bug in Progress indicator that caused automatic
	  destruction to be attempted more than once. (which
	  also happened to be the bug that caused the node
	  installation to crash )
	- Rewrote most of functions::screen.

-- [15.Sep.2001] jml -
	= Reworked the code a bit, just
	  to give it the appearance of a real application.

-- [13.Sep.2001] jml -
	= Many documentation fixes.
	+ Changed to set the html tags.
	+ Locked down the permissions more.
-- [11.Sep.2001] jml -
	= Flew jetplane into the world trade center.
	= Many documentation updates.
	= Continued packaging effort in preparance for initial
	  public release.

-- [09.Sep.2001] jml -
	+ Added POD installer script.
	+ Began development on concept model for Karma/2...

-- [06.Sep.2001] jml -
	+++ Milestone!!!
	 Today marks the first occasion of karma working in
	 a dual shadow configuration OUT OF THE BOX, with
	 no additional setup. this is due to the new
	 script. woohoo!

	+ Added 'fbase' file base manipulation utility.
	+ Added password field masking option back into Input::Field.

-- [05.Sep.2001] jml -
	+ Added neato animated press_any_key prompts.
	+ Added routine curses2c in pakcage Karma::Output::Curses
	  that translates a curses WINDOW into karma color codes.
	+ Added interactive color capability to the Input::Field
	= Fixed a small bug causing bare_printc() not to strip
	  many important codes.

-- [03.Sep.2001] jml -
	+ File base download code moved to filedepot/files/
	+ Wow, lots today. Uploads now have common descriptions
	  automatically extracted, converted to karma style,
	  and inserted into the file bases.
	+ Karma::File package added for the manipulation of file
	  bases. The new import routines are housed there.
	+ Added Karma::DB::Record::get() function as shorthand
	  for retrieving an entire record only once.
	= .stat entries in the file bases are now stored in
	  Karma::DB::Record format.
	= Upload/Download protocols moved to

-- [02.Sep.2001] jml -
	- Made the file and message bases work again.
	+ Changes to ktalkd's motd file will now be apparent
	  immediately, as opposed to after a server reload.
	= Modified ktalkd again to deal with dealing properly.
	= Modified ktalkd to deal with karma colors in usernames
	= Lost the ChangeLog entries for today and got yelled
	  at ;-)
	= ktalkd is now started by init instead of karma. it
	  also reloads its configuration on sig USR1 as it
	+ Added autologin support! It should work with any telnet
	  client that supports such things.
-- [01.Sep.2001] jml -

	= Fixed silly inconsistency in the node allocation that
	  caused some not to be recycled.
	+ Added multi line scalar support to Karma::DB to accommodate
	  for message signatures. Multiple lines are represented in
	  the db files by a non-standard string beginning with a space.
	= Cleaned up the login code to be more user friendly.
	+ Added easter egg ;-)
	+ Added Backing support to ProgressIndicator, also changed
	  the argment passing to a hash.
	= Fixed a partial daemonization problem with ktalkd.

-- [31.Aug.2001] jml -
	= Changed file permission structure.
	+ Added administrative user 'oper'.
	+ Added door menu. Added sig USR1 response..
	= Finished message signature support.
	= Changed set() method of ProgressIndicator to iteration().
	= Documentation fixes.